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This blog is a little bit about everything. My life as a mother, a wife, and owner of a home with an acre. We like to call it our family farm. My family currently consists of the human members- my husband, S and our two beautiful girls, B and O; then there are the animals- our dogs, Charlie & Lola Belle and our Chickens. Check back often, you never know when we'll add a new member! ; )

Monday, July 11, 2011

The girls get a new (temporary) home!

As you know from my last post, the chicks are growing like weeds!  They needed more room to be comfortable and get along well with each other.  So, my wonderful dad came to the rescue and leveled out the area where we will eventually put their coop, so that we could at least get their run set in place and let them stay in it for now.  My brother has graciously offered to build me a fabulous chicken coop, so hopefully that will be coming soon so they have a more secure and predator safe home.
Here is Grampa (with both girls on board) making the pad for the future coop.
Here is the run (it was already here when we moved in, we just cleaned it up and moved it to level the ground, then placed it where we wanted it).
And here are the girls in the run!  Yay!  So much room to spread out.
Oh, and did I mention that one of our girls is not a girl?  We're still undecided on his fate, but here is our rooster (he's in the center- the one with the RED comb and waddles).
Even most of our girls will eventually have red combs and waddles, but the roosters get them at a younger age.  The girls combs won't be fully grown and red until they are closer to laying age (16-20 weeks).  The size and color/look of them will vary depending on the breed.

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