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This blog is a little bit about everything. My life as a mother, a wife, and owner of a home with an acre. We like to call it our family farm. My family currently consists of the human members- my husband, S and our two beautiful girls, B and O; then there are the animals- our dogs, Charlie & Lola Belle and our Chickens. Check back often, you never know when we'll add a new member! ; )

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

And the chickens have a home.

My last post was about the coop being here... finally.  But we still had work to do before the chickens could actually occupy the space.  So, S and I worked on it for his 3 days off and then it was ready to be home.  Now, don't get me wrong, there is still work to be done.  It's not 100% complete.  But it was ready for Rudy and the girls to move in.  Here are some pics of their introduction to their new space.
We painted the trim and were in the process of roofing the coop in these pics...

 The models
B, supervising
 S, annoyed at me taking pictures instead of helping ; )
 Adding the access from the run to the coop
 B and Buffy
 The chickens watching intently, wondering what we were all doing 
 Then they got bored and decided to take a nap
 Oops.  We enclosed the access from coop to run before we added the chain to lift open the coop door.  
Sorry, S, I had to take the picture!
 The roost
S is cutting the opening from the run into the access space while the girls all watch and wonder...
 Door is open!
 Inside the coop- ready for the chickens.
Hmmm... do we go in?
 And Sweetie gives it a try!
 Once one goes in, they'll all go in

 B approves
 We'll still be doing some work on the coop in the not too distant future, like adding a rain gutter and possibly making a window in the people-sized door; and also some work very soon, like fixing the not-so-securely closing nest box doors and adding a row of bricks to the small gap under the coop from the run/access area.  Hopefully we'll get eggs soon from our 17 to 20 week old girls.  Average start of laying age is between 18-23 weeks, so it should be soon!  And, of course, we hope our chickens have a long, happy, healthy and safe life in their new coop!

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